Director/ Producer/ Editor
Nissan wanted to create mini-documentaries that highlighted fan-centric college sports traditions to promote their widest-reaching sponsorship in the history of college sports, becoming a proud partner of 100 leading universities across the United States, as well as select NCAA championships.
I love creating authentic docu-style shorts, so I jumped on the opportunity to direct an authentic spot that celebrated the BYU Victory Bell tradition.  
The challenge with creating this spot was that it had to be done on-location, at the BYU campus in Provo, UTAH, in late December, and during a winning game. 
The on-location part is not that much of a problem as I love traveling and I'm quite savvy at producing on-location.   
Finding a full-house stadium, during the holidays was definitely a challenge. And since the production was taking place in December, which meant cold weather, we could run into the risk of people not wanting to come outside after a win to ring the Victory Bell, located outside of the stadium. 
To overcome the challenges, I made sure we would be filming at least two games that BYU had a good chance to win. That way we would have enough footage and BYU would at least win one game, allowing us to capture the energy and spirit of the tradition. 
We were lucky to be working with an amazing media coordinator at BYU who asked the announcer to keep reminding the audience to go outside after the game to ring the bell, and even luckier that BYU won both games. It gave us the chance to capture a variety of footage to use in the spot. 
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